Organization of conferences and forums on politics, economy, culture and education.

  • Basque economy in the twenty-first century. Challenges and Perspectives
  • Guggenheim Urdaibai
  • An efficien and effective Basque Finance. Change of model?
  • Euskararen aurreikuspenak XXI. mendeari begira.
  • Basque Municipality Act. A need for the future.
  • Getxo Antzokia (Getxo Theatre). Future prospects.
  • Public Administration, Auditing and transparency.
  • Tolls in Guipuzkoa.
  • Euskadi, a land of entrepreneurs.
  • Roots of Freedom.
  • New challenges in the Spanish economy.
  • Euskadi, a land with entrepreneurial vocation.
  • An efficient and effective Basque Finance. Change of model?


Edition of articles, reports and research work about history, politics and economy.


Organization of training courses and seminars for political action.


Recovery and digitization of cultural and historical funds of public and private entities in order to generate a documentary data base to study the political, social, cultural and economic history. The Foundation is ready to collect and digitize any written or photographic documents that has significance in the history of the Basque Country and Spain for free. This service shall comply with the conditions of deposit and public communication as their owners wish to.

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