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Broken lives: Rogelio Alonso, Florencio Domínguez, Marcos Garcia Rey

There are useful books, required books, and essential books as this one, a vade mecum of the victims of terrorism. In this book come detailed the biographies of the 857 victims of the terrorist. After the publication of the book, ETA would commit their last murder in a French town, in the southwest of Paris, against the person of the gendarme Jean Serge Nerin on March 16th of 2010.
The authors, Florencio Domínguez, Rogelio Alonso and Marcos García Rey, spent many months in the research, documentation of a book, which, in the words of Raul del Pozo "has many wages within". The result is an encyclopedic work of ambition, which includes each and every one of the biographies that were transformed into these 'Broken Lives', with the circumstances in which they were killed, the reviews that gave account of each crime, the authors' attack and the penalties that were sentenced by the courts when they were found.
Broken Lives account what is known and what is not known, the more than 300 victims whose murders have not been tried or clarified in police custody. It is, as the President of the Foundation of Victims of Terrorism at that time, Maite Pagaza, "a monument of words". On these pages are the plates that the nationalist mayors do not lead COVITE (Colectivo de Víctimas del Terrorismo/ Collective of Terrorism Victims) to place in the places where they were murdered, the stolperstein that in the German and Austrian cities indicate the addresses where the victims of the Holocaust inhabited. The victims do not have a monument in Spain where they are honor aside from this book, the excellent realization of the aspiration of demands that the victims condense in “truth, memory, justice”. It is necessary to read and reread this book in these times in which the echo of so much crime is fading in the air. As we have had occasion to see on the 20th anniversary of Miguel Angel Blanco’s assassination, in this hour that the members of the left abertzale ( Basque nationalist/ separatist left) is laundered in the institutions. Following the model inaugurated by the mayor of Renteria with some success, to go to the victims to apologize if sometimes we have not been to the height of the situation etc.
This is apparently enough to some beautiful souls to see an interesting twist in the attitude of all the Mendozas. The problem of the batasunos ( people who are affiliated with Batasuna political party, also Basque nationalist/ separatist left) is not or may not have been to the circumstances, have given the sympathy in time and manner. They have been accomplices of murderers, like Ibon Muñoa, councilor of HB in Eibar in 1997. He made the follow-up to Miguel Angel Blanco since he was coming down the train in Eibar in the early afternoon to go to work in the company Eman Consulting. He let three murders stay at his house, Txapote, Iranzu Gallastegi and Geresta. It is not that he was not up to the task, is that he was an accomplice. There is not in these regrets venial, no condemnation of the criminal career of ETA, no requirement of dissolution, any readiness to collaborate with the justice system. The truth is that sometimes I don't know what we are talking about when we talk about love.
Now, the Foundation of Victims of Terrorism has had an exemplary initiative to fulfill these three aspirations: you have bought the rights to the book and is offered to all over the world on the internet for free. Download it. It is an excellent reference book, it is also interesting to read. Just search the index name-the name of a victim to have access to his/her biography and to those who with his/her was killed during the multiple attacks. All those individuals should apply to their readings that in way of repentance mode says; that if at any moment we were not at the height of the situation we apologize for the inconvenience, and for the beautiful souls who consider this a step towards reconciliation and peace.
In the end, dear and beloved: go and read:

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